Gentle Family Dentist

Dr Ken Asamoah, BDS (Queensland)


Dr Asamoah is a very experienced dentist with many years of service in 
the Public and Private areas. He graduated from Queensland University in 1977 and spent his first 2 years in the public sector in Blackall in Central Queensland. Dr Asamoah/Ken has been married to his wife Lesley   for over forty years and has four grown children and seven 

Ken has always had a great love for outback Queensland. After returning from his home country of Ghana in 1980, he spent seven years in Dirranbandi which included Dental Clinics in Mungundi, Bollon and Thallon. He then moved up to St George to a private Dental Clinic also serving as the government dentist where he continued visiting Mumgindi..

In 1993, Dr Asamoah moved with his family to Stanthorpe where he has served the community in both the public and private sectors. He moved into the private area in 2003 when he purchased a well-established dental practice now called Gentle Family Dentist. This name came from his reputation as being a very gentle dentist. His focus has always been Preventive Dentistry including helping people to understand how to achieve good oral hygiene and to understand any treatment they may need. He has a great desire to assist children right through to those who are much older. Everyone can enjoy the wonderful benefits of good oral health which can have a huge effect on the rest of the body.

Dr Asamoah has experience in every area of dentistry so that his customers do not have to travel away to have more complex treatments done. He is well experienced in the more complex areas of implants, all types of dentures, root treatments, crowns and bridges, facings/veneers, plus his amazing expertise in extracting teeth where necessary, without the need for any unnecessary surgery/intervention. Dr Asamoah has also studied for many years the complexities of migraines and the TMJD (TemporoMandibular Joint Dysfunction) and is able to help people with these more complex issues.